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(2) 10 steps to effectively manage your trust estates

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The management of estates often takes a back seat in terms of board priorities, however, poorly managed school estates can be a huge detriment to the trust. Acknowledging this, the Department for Education has published a number of documents to raise awareness of the importance of estate management and the legal responsibilities that fall on the board. The DfE states that “Boards need to be confident that the school premises are safe and suitable. Good management of the estate reduces the risks associated with buildings. It helps to prevent the need for significant capital expenditure and disruption which can follow building failure.” 

The DfE have published a 10 point checklist for Boards, to support their effective stewardship of the schools estate. This roundtable discussion, chaired by Faithful+Gould, will review the DfE checklist and provide an opportunity for board leaders to share what is happening in their trust, to become more aware of how to discharge their duties and how they might be able to attract additional funding to support any identified works.

 Session holders: Faithful & Gould


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